This investigation group aims to improve cooperative work between partners in relation to the communicative and intercultural skills in foreign languages. These skills are intended to be studied from different approaches, such as the teaching and learning of foreign languages (mainly English oral skills) or the difficulties that a specific text can present to a translator or interpreter. With an accredited group with clear investigation lines established, the aim is to enable teachers included in this team to work in unison and to achieve relevant investigative results (through congresses, projects and publications). This, at the same time, will positively affect teaching activities (by interventions in the classroom through teaching innovation projects that they are applied for jointly).



  1. To study communicative and intercultural skills in a foreign language and the different teaching approaches to improve them.
  2. To perform educative interventions in the classroom, studying the impact that different materials and methods could have.
  3. To carry out a workshop (or online courses) for students in which the relevance of these skills and possible methods for their work could be informed upon, with the objective of allowing them to work with the mentioned skills autonomously.
  4. To take into consideration the possibility of a joint publication or lecture in a congress with the aim of presenting the obtained results in the PID and workshop interventions.
  5. To meet annually to reach agreements surrounding the work that has been done, present the academic and investigative achievements to the other members of the team with the goal of finding and considering ture applications as a group.
  6. To publish the work on a national level as well as internationally through the web page, publications, congresses and other joint activities.
  7. To consider the possibility of applying for a joint investigation project.